Interview With Tattoo Artist Kevin J. Boudreau

Kevin J. Boudreau

About Kevin

Kevin J. Boudreau is an artist from Connecticut. His artistic mediums range from tattoos and graffiti to fine art oil paintings.

I was lucky enough to have Kevin as my tattoo artist until he moved out of the area, but Im still a huge fan and follow his work online. We’ve talked before about his crazy experiences stretching his ears with found objects from McDonalds straws to mechanical pencils! Kevin was lucky that his lobes have healed so well and are healthy today. He was kind enough to take the time to talk with me about his amazing art and experiences with body modification.

Interview With Tattoo Artist Kevin J. Boudreau

How did you first get interested in tattoos/piercings/body modification?

I wanted my left ear pierced since I was 13 and probably because someone in a movie had it or something. My mom wouldn’t let me until I was 16, so when I turned 16 I got it pierced at a random beach surf shop in Rhode Island during summer vacation.

The next year I was at a friends house and her two friends came over that had just came back from getting new piercings. I think one was their tongue and the other their nose. I told them I wanted my lip pierced and they said I should. I couldn’t sleep that night so I pierced my lip with a thumbtack I disinfected with a lighter and then put a stud in until morning. I went to the mall and bought a hoop when I woke up. I needed some balance and symmetry so I had the other ear pierced at the mall shortly after.

Around the same time 2 of my friends came back from a school band trip to Canada with tattoos. It all seemed exciting and new, and Canada sounded awesome, so we took a trip to Canada in my van during my senior year where I experienced legal drinking and my first tattoo. It was the start of an addiction that was the intro to my future career as a tattoo artist.

Who or what are your greatest inspirations as an artist?

As an artist I am constantly inspired by the everyday objects and occurrences in our world. I am extremely inspired by other artists but something as simple as a leaf on the ground can inspire a painting. Or the weird shapes that clouds make. Anything can be inspiring, it just depends how it strikes you.

If you could give your past self one piece of advice what would it be?

If I could give my past self one piece of advice about body art it would be to do my research on tattoo art. There are some amazing artists out there and had I seen what was possible and not just gone with whatever tattoo artist was closest I may have utilized the space I have better and had a more interesting approach on the art.

Thanks, Kevin!


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