Q&A: How Do I Fix a Healed Blowout?

Ear Stretching Blowouts

Blowout, along with infection, is one of the top concerns of anyone stretching their ears.

It’s much easier and faster to get rid of a blowout when it’s new, before it heals.
But what if you don’t notice it at first? Is there any way to get rid of it if it’s already healed?

That’s the question Eric contacted me with, and he kindly agreed to share his question here on the site in the hopes of helping out others with the same problem.

So I basically had this blowout for like 2-3 months and I have been researching online about it. The only research I find for the process is when they know immediately about it. I didn’t took it seriously until this week. It has been disturbing me and I had it for 2 months in my guess. There’s this lump in the back of my ear & the tissue feels hard and when I wear my plugs, my blowout pulls back my plugs. Is there any solution to this since my blowout has been out for a while?
~ Eric

Hi Eric,

Sorry to hear about your blowout issues! I hope I can help you out.

You’re right that a lot of advice is geared towards fresh blowouts, probably because that’s when it’s easiest to resolve. Since yours is already healed, it will take more time and effort to get rid of it, but it’s still possible! So don’t lose hope 🙂

My recommendations would be:

  1. Downsize until the blowout no longer interferes with your plugs, or just let your ears go naked completely until the blowout is healed.
  2. Massage your lobes once or twice a day with oil. Jojoba is usually recommended, but you can use anything that’s good for your skin, like olive oil, or coconut oil. (Contrary to popular belief, vitamin E oil massage can actually exacerbate scar tissue.) See: How to Massage Stretched Lobes
  3. Don’t upsize again until the blowout is resolved. This will take a lot of time and patience, which might be hard if you’re really looking forward to going to bigger sizes. But remember that you can only stretch too quickly — never too slowly. Taking the time to resolve this issue and stretch slowly and carefully will ensure that you have nice, thick, healthy lobes even at much larger sizes! Remember to listen to your body, don’t force anything, and take your time.

Best of luck!!

Other Methods

I have also come across mentions of people tying off blowouts to get rid of them, but I very strongly recommend against this method because it can be highly dangerous. It can result in infection and even sepsis if anything goes wrong.

Please don’t take the risk of losing your ear or even your life just to get faster results. If you’re desperate to get rid of your blowout more quickly, be safe and consult your doctor or a plastic surgeon.

Share Your Experience

Have you ever had a blowout? What treatment worked for you? Share your tips in the comments!

(P.S. I’m looking for better photos of blowouts. Want to share your photos? Please contact me!)


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