How Long Should I Wait Between Stretches?

Ear Stretching Wait Time

One of the most common ways people injure themselves in the stretching process is by stretching too quickly. Not waiting long enough between stretches can lead to a lot of problems, like:

  • Bleeding, swelling, and possibly infection;
  • Scar tissue, making the skin more resistant to stretching further;
  • Blowouts, and other permanent damage.

So exactly how long should you wait between stretches?

Everyone’s body is different, and everyone’s ears react differently to the stretching process, so there’s no hard-and-fast rule. But, especially looking at the risks above, you want to err on the safe side.

Basically, you need to give your lobes enough time to heal completely and loosen up a bit before the next stretch. Most professionals recommend you wait at least a month between stretches. At larger sizes, you should wait at least two or three months, since the jump between sizes get bigger as you go up.

But these suggestions are just the bare minimum. The longer you wait, the easier it will be on your ears to go to the next size, and the less risk there is of problems like scar tissue or blowouts.

Remember, stretching your ears isn’t a competition or a race. You’re making permanent modifications to your body, so take it slow and listen to your body. If you’re having a hard time stretching, why not wait another month before you try again? I promise no one’s timing you 🙂

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