Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery After Stretching: What’s It Really Like?

Earlobe Reconstruction

Making the choice to start stretching your ears is a big decision.

Though you often hear about the “point of no return” — the size you can stretch up to where your ears will still be able to return to “normal” is you remove your jewelry — the truth is there are no guarantees.

One person might be able to stretch up to a 00 gauge, and have their piercings return to a 16 or 18 gauge once they’ve left the jewelry out for a while.

Others (maybe you?) might stretch up to a 12 gauge and find that their lobes just never close up on their own again.

The only real guaranteed way to close your lobes once you start stretching is reconstructive surgery.

Though that’s the risk we all take once we start stretching, ear lobe reconstruction surgery is still a mystery to many of us.

That’s why, when I came across Korey sharing his reconstruction experience on Reddit, I thought I’d ask him a few questions about his experience to share with the readers here.

Korey’s Earlobe Reconstruction Surgery

TESB: Why did you decide to get your holes closed up? Were your stretched ears interfering with your lifestyle (image, career, etc.) in any way, or did you just need a change?

I wanted to get my ears closed up for a few reasons. One reason is because most businesses dont want to hire someone with stretched ears or its against company policy to have them. Its been difficult finding any work since I started stretching. Another reason is that I started to not like how my ears looked. Having stretched ears can really complement someones face and I dont see myself as one of those people.

TESB: How did you choose your surgeon?

I found my surgeon through a close friend of mine. He got his ears closed up about a year ago and recommended the surgeon if I ever wanted to do the same.

If I went back in time and decided to keep my stretched ears, I would have done a lot more research. ~ Korey

What was the procedure itself like? How about the recovery process? Any surprises, or was it what you expected?

The procedure itself was.. interesting. Ive never undergone surgery before so I didnt really know what to expect. I was awake through the whole thing. Im not a squeamish person, but hearing every incision the doctor made was very cringe inducing. Thankfully the doctor and his assistant kept me distracted with conversation.

If you could do it all over again (stretching, reconstruction, whatever), would you change anything?

If I could go back in time, I would definitely choose to not stretch my ears. After about two years of having gaping holes in my ears, regret started to set in. I missed having solid, normal looking earlobes. Also, getting glares from strangers isnt something anyone enjoys. Though if I went back in time and decided to keep my stretched ears, I would have done a lot more research. I went in to it blind without knowing any techniques or tips to stretch. I was very naive.

Any advice for others with stretched ears who are considering reconstruction?

My advice would be to find a surgeon who has done reconstruction before. Your ears are going to look however the surgeon makes them look. Be certain he/she knows how to make them look good.

Thank you, Korey!

Thanks so much to Korey for taking the time to answer my questions about his ear reconstruction surgery after stretching.

I hope this answers some of your questions as well, and helps you in making your decision to stretch (or reconstruct after stretching!).

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